Local Skating Community Embraces Get Up®

On Sunday, April 30th this year, Thomas Creek FSC presented their annual spring ice show at The Rochester Ice Center in Fairport, New York.

“It was the biggest spring ice show ever since the inception of the club in 1989” says Claire Mazzarella, the club’s president. There were 48 performances including a total of 64 skaters. Four of the five Mirror Images Synchronized Skating Teams performed their competitive programs.

TCFSC embraced U.S. Figure Skating’s inspirational Get Up campaign.

It was an extra special show since a few skaters had a tough season and were off the ice due to injuries. However, they came back to skating in time to participate in the show.  As Ramsey Baker, chief marketing officer at U.S. Figure Skating said, “We all fall, it’s how we get up that matters.”

The show was coordinated by a young skater’s mother, Barbara Catalano, who rallied all club members to get involved. A high school senior skater created the cover of the program and a group of parents transformed the rink surroundings to a motivational “Don’t Give Up…Get Up.”

The show opened with a number choreographed by coaches Jessica Stratton and Leanne Martin to the motivational song “Rise Up” by Andra Day.  The opening performance concluded with a young skater “rising” and 4 skaters displaying motivational messages to the audience, “I Get Up because I Love [heart] Skating”, “I Get Up because You Support Me”, “I Get Up to Try Again” and “I Get Up For You”.  It was an exceptional way to wrap up the season, highlight 7 high school seniors moving onto college and to show case all the TCFSC skater’s hard work. Needless to say, after the many inspirational skating performances of the night there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

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