Get Up® Stories

These stories inspire us to keep working toward our goals
and not let anything get in our way.

Bethany Hamilton Surfs Again

Bethany began surfing with her mom and dad when she was just 2 years old. Bound for surfing glory, she was entering and winning surfing competitions and getting sponsorships at age 9. Bethany was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark and lost her left arm at 13. What happened next is the ultimate get up story.

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Football Player Jake Olson Beats the Odds

At the age of 12, Olson was forced to undergo surgery that took his vision. His journey, which was captured by ESPN, is one of inspiration. A huge USC football fan, Olson became integrated with the team as child and he later made his high school team. Upon graduation in 2015, he went on to make one of his two biggest dreams come true – becoming a USC Trojan. In 2017, Olson realized the second when he, as a walk-on long snapper, played in a regular season game for the Trojans, defying odds and inspiring those everywhere.

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Nine-Year-Old Lilly Overcomes Loss in Fire with Get Up Attitude

Lilly, a nine-year-old amputee, chose to remove her legs from the waist down to avoid being in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. In the devastating California wildfires in 2017, Lily and her mom Jessica escaped the fire but were forced to leave her prosthetic legs and wheelchair behind. Today, Lily is back on her feet, inspiring people everywhere to overcome struggles, both temporary and permanent.

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Community Celebrates a Young Girl’s Resolve

During a family party, flames from a fire pit blew toward 7-year-old Frances Breen, igniting her dress. Frances was airlifted to the hospital where doctors performed life-saving surgery. Chances were high she wouldn’t survive, but during months of her recovery, Frances and her family remained brave and positive and became inspirations for the whole community.

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J.J. Watt Helps Houston “Get Up” from Tragedy

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a storm that devastated Houston and surrounding areas, NFL pro-bowler J.J. Watt posted an online video trying to raise 200,000 dollars. Within weeks, the fund raised over 37 million dollars, inspiring a nation. The money will be used to rebuild homes, restore child-care centers, provide food and water to those in need and address public health needs in devastated areas.

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Your Get Up Stories

We all have Get Up moments and those stories help shape our lives. We want to learn how you got up and will post some of the most inspiring stories right here so our entire community can be inspired by your journey. Submit a story using the “Tell Your Story” form below or using #GetUp.

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